Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial Grass Designed with Dogs in Mind

Dogs absolutely love to run and play on our artificial grass. Our dog grasses are extra durable and allow dogs the run around to their heart’s content and you don’t need to worry about your lawn being torn up or turned into a mud pit.

Our pet grasses also have a specially designed unique backing. The white backing is made up of 100% polyethylene, instead of the more common latex backed artificial grasses. One issue with using latex backing is that over years, tiny cracks can appear in it which can harbour bacteria that feed on dog urine and create smells. We use a woven plastic backing that has 2 advantages. Firstly, drainage holes are not required because the whole thing is porous. So water will pass straight through it, meaning that dog urine passes and washes straight through as well. Secondly, it is flexible and doesn’t crack, and so doesn’t provide a home for bacteria, reducing smells.

On top of all of this, we have an extra special accessory called ZeoZorb that has the remarkable ability of being able to absorb smells from dog urine, and then only release them when it rains. This means that ZeoZorb can continuously absorb, then release, then re-absorb the smells, without the need for replenishment. So no more harsh chemicals on your dog’s paws.

The combination of our speciality grass and amazing ZeoZorb, provides an excellent surface for dogs, and one that pet owners will love, as it eliminates smells and will look amazing all year round.

  • Eliminate Smells from Dog Urine.
  • Extra Durable Artificial Grasses.
  • Continuously Capture Ammonia in Urine, Without the Need to be Replenished.

Specially Designed Grass

We have 2 products that have been specifically designed for artificial grass lawns with dogs.

Both of these grasses have a long pile height which will accommodate our ZeoZorb product. Both use a Polyurethane backing instead of a Latex backing. Polyurethane is more flexible than Latex and therefore won’t micro-crack over time. It is also a stronger material and can withstand the pressures of dogs playing on the grass.

Preventing Problems

We have a truly brilliant and innovative new product called ZeoZorb which is able to prevent problems caused by dog urine. ZeoZorb is naturally created during volcanic eruptions and its unique shape and structure mean that it has the ability to capture ammonia molecules in urine.

The real benefit from ZeoZorb, isn’t just the fact that it can capture the ammonia, but importantly, it is able to manage its timely release of the ammonia. The ZeoZorb will release the ammonia when it rains. This means that any smells will be absorbed during hot weather and when you’re using your garden, then the ammonia will be released when it rains. Therefore ZeoZorb will continue to work time and time again.

ZeoZorb is applied on top of your artificial grass as well as below. About 5Kg per square metre on top and 5Kg per square metre underneath. But this does depend on the size and number of dogs that you have. For one small dog, 3Kg per square metre on top and underneath will suffice.

You can have confidence in the quality and reliability of all Artificial Grass London products.