For Dogs

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial Grasses Designed with Dogs in Mind

Finally, an artificial grass set up that is perfect for dog owners. We have a comprehensive range of products that can cure and prevent any issues with dogs weeing on your artificial grass.

  • Eliminate Smells from Dog Urine.
  • Extra Durable Artificial Grasses.
  • Continuously Capture Ammonia in Urine, Without the Need to be Replenished.
  • Delivery of all our products direct to you or the installation address as required.


Problems With Artificial Grass and Dogs

Low-Quality Grass

Dogs love to run, jump and play on artificial grass lawns. However the constant usage and the digging in with there claws can wear away the artificial grass over time. All of our grasses are high quality and therefore, over a normal time scale, this should never be an issue for Artificial Grass London.

Latex Backing

A latex backing may cause some issues over the long term if dogs are allowed to urinate on the grass. Latex can slightly crack after a few years. This is normally no issue as they are only minor cracks and on the underbelly of the grass, however, urine from dogs can encourage bacteria to grow within these cracks and essentially gives them a place to live. The bacteria are responsible for the unpleasant smell.

Sand Sub Base

If your sub base is made for just normal sand, then, in a similar way to how bacteria can fester in latex backing, it can conjugate within the sand and become an additional source of unpleasant smells.

Specially Designed Grass

We have 2 products that have been specifically designed for artificial grass lawns with dogs.


Best in Show image side 2

Both of these grasses have a long pile height which will accommodate our ZeoStop product. Both use a Polyeurathane backing instead of a Latex backing. Polyurethane is more flexible than Latex and therefore won’t micro-crack over time. It is also a stronger material and can withstand the pressures of dogs playing on the grass.

Preventing Problems

We have a truly brilliant and innovating new product called ZeoStop which is able to prevent problems caused by dog urine. ZeoStop is naturally created during volcanic eruptions and it’s unique shape and structure means that it has the ability to capture ammonia molecules in urine.

The real benefit from ZeoStop, isn’t just the fact that it can capture the ammonia, but importantly, it is able to manage its timely release of the ammonia. The ZeoStop will release the ammonia when it rains. This means that any smells will be absorbed during hot weather and when you’re using your garden, then the ammonia will be released when it rains. Therefore ZeoStop will continue to work time and time again.

ZeoStop is applied on top of your artificial grass as well as below. About 5Kg per square metre on top and 5Kg per square metre underneath. But this does depend on the size and number of dogs that you have. For one small dog, 3Kg per square metre on top and underneath will suffice.


You can have confidence in the quality and reliability of all Artificial Grass London products.