Weeding Bankruptcy

So far summer 2018 has really been a scorcher! The intense continuous heat has been a bit of a problem for some of the more delicate plants in the garden. They need constant watering and forgetting to water the plants once or twice can result in the ground drying up and bushes and shrubs wilting.

However, in a cruel twist of fate, hardy weeds are the ones that love the extra sunlight and start to out compete the flora that you ideally want in your garden.

So what’s the simple solution that everyone is afraid to admit? Weeding. The only issue is that weeds are notorious for springing right back up once you have dealt with them. In our current tropical temperatures, this continues to happen over and over again.

weeding 2

Once you have cleared all the weeds in your garden, they can spring back with vengeance and spread into all corners of the garden. Then once you clear that set of weeds, more can pop up in their place. After several cycles of this, you might start to notice that too much of your time is being taken up weeding and that you don’t seem to be winning the war.

There comes a time where you realise you can’t dedicate any more of your life to weeding. You might have to accept your circumstances and declare ‘Weeding Bankruptcy’.


But don’t worry. You’ve done nothing wrong and once you have declared Weeding Bankruptcy you should feel a huge weight lift from your shoulders. The answer is Artificial Grass. No longer do you need to worry about how many weeds are appearing in your garden. No longer will you feel that sinking feeling every time you look at your garden.

Stop worrying and start enjoying your garden. Declare ‘Weeding Bankruptcy’ and feel the pressure disappear.

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