Top Tips for your Autumn Garden

It’s September – when did that happen? Which means, it will soon be time for leaves to fall off the trees as we move into Autumn. So what are the things you need to be doing in your garden over the next few months? Here’s a few top tips put together by Artificial Grass – London to help you.

Although it will be Autumn, it’s a wise idea to give your greenhouse a Spring clean both inside and out. To ensure maximum amounts of sunlight are getting through to your plants, give the glass a clean and remove any additional shading you had over the Summer – some hot water and a scrubbing brush will help remove any unwanted dirt. Whilst scrubbing make sure you remove any debris such as leaves and twigs to prevent a build-up of them at a later date.

Inside your greenhouse will also need a bit of a tidy up as we move into Autumn. Remove your plants and give the whole area a sweep out of any plant debris, followed by disinfecting the area to stop a build-up of pests and diseases. You may wish to allow the greenhouse to ventilate for a few days to ensure it dries out.

Also included in your ‘Spring’ clean is to tidy up your borders. You’ll find that as we get further into October that they will soon fill with leaves and plant debris so it’s essential to keep on top of this to stop it getting out of control.

Autumn is a great time to give your lawn a refresh. Clip back the lawn and use this old grass to add to a compost heap. You can then improve drainage if needed by forking the area, if this isn’t needed just go ahead and give your lawn some feed to give it a much needed boost over Autumn and Winter. Of course – with Artificial Grass you can cross this off your list!

If you have any other hints and tips just get in touch and let us know!

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