Our Top 5 Pet Instagram Accounts

Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 10.06.31We’re celebrating National Pet Month all April so make sure you’re following up on both Facebook and Instagram for lots of pet related posts and the chance to win a Pet Lovers Bundle worth £90. Speaking of Instagram, we thought National Pet Month would be the perfect opportunity to share some of our favourite pet Instagram accounts. We’re animal lovers here at Artificial Grass London so it was incredibly hard to narrow our choices down but, after careful consideration, here are our top 5 favourite pet Instagram accounts!

Maddison Blue

Is there anything cuter than a French Bulldog? Their big ears, little bodies, and wrinkly faces make them one of the most popular breeds of 2019. Lady Maddison Blue is a gorgeous blue French Bulldog who’s a fan of playing outdoors and modelling fashion labels. Check out this picture of her hiding in a Louis Vuitton bag. You’ll find plenty of pictures of Maddy on this Instagram account but also pictures of her puppies (yes, you heard us, puppies!) and French Bulldog friends. Our favourite pic, however, has to be this adorably floral shot.

Yallah & Harlem

This next Instagram account gives you two cuddly cats for the price of one. Yallah and Harlem are brother and sister, British Shorthair cats. British Shorthairs are famous for their fluffy and dense coats, making them look like miniature teddy bears. Yallah and Harlem are no exception. Their Instagram account features lots of pictures of the squishy kitties playing with toys and lounging about the house. We love this shot of Princess Yallah in her flower crown and this one of Harlem hunkering down for the winter. The best pictures on this account definitely feature Yallah and Harlem together!

The Greedy Beagle

Alfie Diddle AKA the Greedy Beagle is a food obsessed pup who’s never far from a bag of treats. Looking sharp in his various coats and scarves, Alfie spends a lot of his time in the great outdoors. From traipsing along autumn trails to playing ball on the beach, it’s no wonder Alfie likes his snacks given how much exercise he’s getting! We love Alfie because of how ridiculously photogenic he is and how grumpy he looks in some of his pictures. Our favourite picture of Alfie is this truly majestic woodland shot.

Tabby Cat Mittens

Mittens is a 2-year-old Tabby Cat who loves to dress up. Seriously, she has so many looks. Alongside her impeccable fashion sense, Mittens is also a comedy kitty with her own Tiktok account (thecomedycat). Her Instagram account is no stranger to the odd Snapchat filter and she’s not shy about getting on board with trends. We like Mittens’ Instagram account because it’s different from other pet accounts out there, featuring plenty of silly and candid shots amongst the more professional pictures. Our all-time favourite picture of Mittens has to be this perfectly staged “I’m so shy” picture.

Ted the Newfoundland

In spite of their large stature and status as “working dogs”, Newfoundlands are a particularly cuddly breed and Ted the Newfoundland is an exceptionally fluffy looking individual. His dopey expression and lolling tongue make his pictures all the more endearing. The pictures on Ted’s Instagram showcase his day-to-day life, featuring plenty of playtime in the garden and time spent in the paddling pool (Newfoundlands are great swimmers). The best picture of Ted, in our opinion, is this shot that showcases just how much fluff he sheds after a good brushing.

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