The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Albert Dog on Pet 28

We have two special products for a new artificial grass lawn that dogs will be running and playing on. One is our distinctive artificial grass, Pet 28 which is uniquely designed and very different from the rest of our range. The second is our amazing ZeoZorb product which perfectly complemented Pet 28.

Pet 28 Artificial Grass London

The special thing about Pet 28 is its unique backing. Most artificial grasses have a latex backing, which is fine for normal circumstances, but after many years of use, small cracks can appear on the underbelly. When dogs urinate onto this grass, tiny microbes can survive and live in the cracks. This can start to smell after a while. Pet 28 however is different. The backing is made from polyurethane instead of Latex and so won’t crack. It’s also a woven backing which allows water to pass through it easier. So the physical artificial grass itself washes easier in rain and won’t allow microbes to fester.

But on top of this, we also have our amazing accessory ZeoZorb. This ZeoZorb is a safe, naturally occurring substance that has some truly remarkable abilities. ZeoZorb actually absorbs ammonia from dog urine, and then stores it and only releases it when it rains. So not only are the bad smells absorbed, but the process for absorbing them is continuous and never needs to be replenished.

ZeoZorb Artificial Grass London

Pet 28 and ZeoZorb is a foolproof system that allows dogs to have as much fun in the garden as they want, whilst eliminating smells and a muddy mess.

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