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The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

We have two special products for a new artificial grass lawn that dogs will be running and playing on. One is our distinctive artificial grass, Pet 28 which is uniquely designed and very different from the rest of our range. The second is our amazing ZeoZorb product which perfectly complemented Pet 28. The special thing about Pet 28 is its unique backing. Most artificial grasses have a latex backing, which is fine for normal circumstances, but after many years of use, small cracks can appear on the underbelly. When dogs... Read More

Balcony Case Study – A Patch of a London Park on your Balcony

A young couple who live in Greenwich decided to give their balcony a new lease of life by installing Artificial Grass. The balcony was only a small space and they only needed 8 square metres. Our grasses only come in 2m or 4 m width rolls. The balcony was about 4 metres wide and about 2 metres deep. So a standard sized 2m x 4m roll was required. The first thing the couple did was to order a set of free samples. The free samples were enormously important in helping... Read More

Make your own Doormat from Artificial Grass Offcuts

As an industry standard, we only sell our Artificial Grass in 2 Metre widths or 4 Metre widths. You can have any length you want up to 25 Metres but we are unable to supply 3 Metre width rolls of grass. So therefore if your garden is a 5 Metre by 5 Metre Square, we would recommend purchasing a 4 Metre by 5 Metre roll and then another 2 Metre by 5 Metre roll. A 4 Metre by 5 Metre roll plus a 2 Metre by 5 Metre roll is... Read More

Artificial Grass Decoration Ideas

Throughout 2017, one trend which has become more apparent is using artificial grass indoors. This popular home décor trend is a style which will stay around due to its versatility, uniqueness and wow factor. If you love the idea of using artificial grass indoors but you are stuck for inspiration, read on for Artificial Grass London’s top tips… Bar stools Do you have a man cave you would like to add a touch of character to? Bar stools are the perfect furniture to dress up with artificial grass. Even designers... Read More

Advantages of Artificial Grass

A perfect green, tidy and enviable lawn is a symbol of the great British culture. Whether your mind jumps to the pristine courts of Wimbledon, the incredible and world-renowned Wembley pitch or the Home of Cricket ground, Lords – one thing they all have in common is their ability to maintain perfection. However, in order to keep these lawns looking immaculate, countless hours of watering, mowing and time have to be taken into effect. If you are looking to make life easier for yourself, yet keep the perfect lawn, installing... Read More

Small Gardens: How to Get the Wow Factor

Do you want the perfect garden, but time is not on your side? Don’t worry, as these tips will give your garden that crucial wow factor without the need to spend time gardening all year round. If gardening is not an interest of yours and you seek a low maintenance garden, then follow these golden rules… 1. If you have many plants in your garden, an option is to get rid of them all, or reduce the number you have. The less plants you have in your garden, the lower... Read More

Top Tips for your Autumn Garden

It’s September – when did that happen? Which means, it will soon be time for leaves to fall off the trees as we move into Autumn. So what are the things you need to be doing in your garden over the next few months? Here’s a few top tips put together by Artificial Grass – London to help you. Although it will be Autumn, it’s a wise idea to give your greenhouse a Spring clean both inside and out. To ensure maximum amounts of sunlight are getting through to your... Read More

Unique Uses for Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass isn’t just used for brightening up gardens. At Artificial Grass – London, we have a wide range of grasses to suit every need and application. Since launching, we’ve seen some amazing ideas made a reality with Artificial Grass. Grass Walls A great installation we’ve seen recently is using our Artificial Grass on walls – fences are boring anyway! This customer wanted their garden to stand out from the crowd and didn’t want to follow the norm. They brightened up the gaps with small glass cubes to give off... Read More

Garden Spaces: Upcycling is on the Up!

Summer in the UK is often short and sweet so spending hundreds of pounds on new garden furniture can sometimes be a waste of money which is why more and more people are getting creative and upcycling. Upcycling is essentially the trendy name for recycling – the idea is to use old and unwanted materials and make them into something beautiful. Artificial Grass – London have put together a couple of ideas you may want to try this Summer. Old paper: If you have any old newspapers, comics or magazines... Read More

A Beautiful Lawn All Year Round

The New Year is the perfect time to plan home improvements – but not just inside the house but also outside too.  If you have always dreamed of having a beautiful garden with a perfect space for entertaining and relaxing, but don’t have the time to maintain a pristine garden and lawn, one solution is to install artificial grass in your London garden. To keep natural grass looking good and to maintain a beautiful lawn is not as easy as it sounds; it takes time and effort to achieve as... Read More