The Struggles of Planning an Urban Garden

For many Londoners, small areas of garden or landscaping are one of the most precious places they have to relax in, however, these spaces are often complex to design and challenging to maintain.

Most town gardens come with their difficulties, but in London they can be particularly challenging.

Gardens (and gardeners!) in London have to work hard all year round in order to keep the landscape looking looking great. Take a look at some of the challenges urban gardeners face… Do you recognize any of these issues?!

Low light

Major cities often have areas of low light, especially in more built up areas. This can make it hard for soft landscaping materials such as plants, trees and grass to grow. By carefully choosing low maintenance garden materials and shade loving plants, you might be able to combat this.

Small spaces

Most Londoners will relate to the daily struggle for space, whether it’s on the commute, in the office or choosing a home!

The struggle is no different at home in the garden and it’s likely that you’ll only have a few square feet to play with when planning an urban garden. A small garden really limits what you can put in your garden so decide whether you want to achieve with your outside space. Try not to pack too much into it or you’ll risk feeling overcrowded!

Time and maintenance

Between trying to balance a work and social life, finding the time to plan and maintain a garden is something that most of us just don’t have!

An urban garden can be pretty demanding so when you’re creating your outdoor haven, keep it as low maintenance as possible.

In cities such as London, gardens often have limited access which means that in order to maintain healthy looking lawn you’ll have to cart a lawnmower through the house. Not ideal!

With Artificial Grass London, creating an urban garden that can be used and enjoyed year after year is easy!

With no maintenance required, artificial grass is a popular choice for gardeners in the capital. Not only does it still look great in small areas of shade, you wont have to worry about finding the time or money to maintain it. Check out our product range and request a free sample today!

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