STOP! How Artificial Grass Stops Weeds

Every summer millions of us have the constant struggle against the ever-encroaching army of weeds. Pulling them out can become a weekly chore and most of us have better things to be getting on with – such as actually enjoying and relaxing in the garden.

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for stopping weeds from constantly cropping up. There’s no need for the backbreaking work of spraying your garden with harsh chemicals, artificial grass provides a long-term, decisive solution.

In order to be free draining, artificial grass has little holes pierced throughout the entire carpet, which allows rainfall to flow straight through freely. This however creates a potential problem, as it leaves tiny access gaps for weeds to grow through. That’s why we recommend, that if you’re not laying artificial grass onto concrete, you use our weed membrane.

Any installation on to soil should use a sub-base of sharp sand or Granno (6mm to dust). And in between the sub-base and the artificial grass, it’s essential that a weed membrane is also installed.

Our Weed Membrane allows water to pass through it, whilst preventing weeds from passing in the other direction. And good news, our weed membrane is only £1/m2.

Interestingly, Weed Membrane is often referred to as ‘Geotextile Membrane’ or just ‘Geo’ for short. This is because the material has a secondary purpose which can also be utilized during the construction of the sub-base. The Weed Membrane, or Geotextile Membrane, can be installed as a layer within a sub-base to provide geological stabilization. No this doesn’t mean protection from earthquakes! The membrane fixes the whole surface in place, meaning that if there is any slight sinkage over time, which can happen, then the ground as a whole is kept stable.

If you’re planning on allowing dogs to use your new artificial grass lawn then you must make a slight alteration to the build of your area. Instead of laying the Weed Membrane between the artificial grass and the sub-base, the Weed Membrane should be installed within the sub-base. This will prevent weeds from growing through the sub-base, but also prevent dog urine from being soaked into the Weed Membrane.

Although artificial grass and a weed membrane can be extremely effective at reducing the chore of weeding, there can still however be a few areas where highly persistent weeds can make a small comeback. Round the edges of your artificial grass, weeds can still make an appearance. Moss can also grow on top of artificial grass in some instances, however this is rare.

If you still have the odd weed growing around your artificial grass and you’re worried about using chemicals on the actual artificial grass, don’t be! We sell an artificial grass weed and moss killer that is guaranteed not to damage your lawn that was purchased from Artificial Grass London.

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