Spring is on its way

As winter moves inexorably on, and were cosied up in our homes these long dark evenings, thoughts inevitably wander to warmer brighter days to come.  A glance out of the window at the stark bare branches and soggy lawn is enough to make us shudder, close the curtain and add another log to the fire. By no means are the majority of us out in our greenhouse preparing seed trays and cuttings for the cold frame, even if we do watch Gardener’s World every week. The garden has been out of bounds for months for some of us. A trip to the washing line sometimes the only use we make of our outdoor spaces for weeks at a time. It doesn’t have to be this way.

How much more inviting a prospect would it be to head outside if instead of a trudge over a dismal, patchy, straggly and muddy grass you could glide over a lush swathe of artificial lawn? No more muddy patches even when you share your garden with pets. No weeds, sprouting through the grass. An artificial lawn won’t make the sun shine on your garden, but it will make it more accessible when the weather isn’t quite so balmy. Extend the usability of your garden by weeks or months either end of the year. And you know, when the memories of summer begin to pale, the nights draw in again and it’s time to hunker down once more for winter, perhaps that glance at the bare branches won’t be quite so chilling when you have a pristine healthy looking lawn to admire 365 days a year.

So with thoughts of spring ahead, and as the evenings begin to lengthen thoughts of summer barbecues or evenings sipping a glass of something chilled begin to return, instead of reaching for the trowel and mower, the lawn feed and weed killer for the annual battle to restore the garden after winter, reach for a pencil and paper instead. An evening or two sketching your ideas could easily result in a beautiful inviting and versatile outdoor space, virtually maintenance free for years to come.

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