Small Gardens: How to Get the Wow Factor

Do you want the perfect garden, but time is not on your side? Don’t worry, as these tips will give your garden that crucial wow factor without the need to spend time gardening all year round.

If gardening is not an interest of yours and you seek a low maintenance garden, then follow these golden rules…

  1. 1. If you have many plants in your garden, an option is to get rid of them all, or reduce the number you have. The less plants you have in your garden, the lower maintenance your garden will become.
  1. 2. Replace part of your lawn by adding paving or gravel. This way, you will only need to cut, trim and maintain a smaller amount of grass.
  1. 3. Since the majority of people enjoy looking at a luscious green garden, if paving part of your garden is not an option for you, changing your lawn to artificial grass will give your garden a wow factor like never before. It will not only look neat and tidy, but you will lower the time spent looking after your garden dramatically.
  1. 4. Have a hose handy to make watering the plants you have less of a chore. Having a tap outside makes this process simple, easy and cuts a substantial amount of time off your gardening work throughout the year.
  1. 5. When you have found a style of garden to suit you and your needs, don’t forget about having a lovely place to sit. Invest in garden furniture and look forward to relaxing in your new and improved garden!

With artificial grass, your garden will look brand new all year round without the need to spend countless hours cutting and maintaining your lawn.


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