Quick and Simple Guide to Laying Artificial Grass on Concrete

Artificial Grass can be a great way to brighten up dull and grey areas, but where do you start? Once you dive into the world of artificial grass you might find yourself confused and worried about all the different aspects involved.

Here are 6 simple steps that you can follow if you are thinking of placing Artificial Grass over a concrete area.


Step 1 – Work out the Size of the Area you want

It is an industry standard to only sell Artificial Grass in 2 metre and 4 metre widths. However, we can sell any increment of length (up to 25 metres) that you want.

After you have measured your area, work out what combination of 2 metre or 4 metre widths you need, with what lengths you require.

So if your garden is a 3 metre square, you will need a 4 metre width roll with a 3 metre length.

You will end up with a 3 metre by 1 metre strip of waste, but you can use some of this to make a brilliant doormat!

Step 2 – Prepare the concrete

It is essential that the grass is laid out on a smooth surface. Remove any imperfections from the surface, a self-leveling compound may be required.

Step 3 – Purchase

You can visit our online shop for a comprehensive range of Artificial Grasses. If you’re looking for a simple budget grass to brighten up a dull area or a premium replica Artificial Grass, our shop is backed up by one of the largest Artificial Grass warehouses in the UK.

Step 4 – Shock Pad

To soften an Artificial Grass installation, we recommend a layer of Shock Pad. This needs to be trimmed so that it has a slightly shorter width and length than the actual Artificial Grass. A small dashing of glue to set it in place on the concrete wouldn’t hurt, this doesn’t need to be glued down comprehensively. https://www.artificialgrass-london.com/product-category/accessories

Step 5 – Lay out the Artificial Grass

Simply roll out the Artificial Grass like a rug. There should be a slight overhang from the Shock Pad, make sure you securely glue down the perimeter of the Artificial Grass to the concrete.

As the Artificial Grass is distributed in rolls, the individual blades will initially appear flat. Just brush these against the pile directions so that they are standing up properly.

Step 6 – Enjoy

You’ve done it! Sit back and enjoy the pleasant surroundings that you’ve created.

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