A Quick and Simple Guide to Installing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass comes in either 2m or 4m width rolls.
The grass has a directional pile and it is preferable to lay the grass leaning towards the house or seating area.
Draw a diagram of your garden and work out the optimum layout.
Try to minimise the number of joins you will need.
Dig up the current layer of soil using a shovel.
Make sure the ground is even and flat.
A top layer of sand or sharp sand (30mm deep) can help to make the surface as even as possible.
Simply roll out your artificial grass like a carpet.
Line up the joins neatly.
Use our self-adhesive joining tape to connect the pieces of grass. The tape will connect the backing of the artificial grass.
One roll of the self-adhesive joining tape will connect a 4 metre long join.
If your artificial grass exceeds its boundary, fold it back and cut the backing with a sharp knife so that it fits the perimeter neatly.
Use our flat head Fixing Pins to secure the perimeter of the installation.
Brush back the grass with a strong brush and enjoy!