Product Focus: Self Adhesive Joining Tape

The Artificial Grass Self Adhesive Joining Tape is a true innovation in the artificial grass industry. This product dramatically simplifies the installation process for domestic customers and DIYers. Although landscapers will still be able to use the larger tubs of glue and backing tape, any small to medium size installation can now simply purchase multiple units of the Self Adhesive Joining Tape.

AGL SAJT edit image

For domestic customers and anyone doing a DIY project, the Self Adhesive Joining Tape means that you don’t need to spend time mixing and spreading different glues. When you buy tubs of glue you need to mix two different chemicals together using effectively a giant electric whisk called a Paddle Mixer. This can be a very labour intensive job and it involves a level of skill to get it right.

With the Self Adhesive Joining Tape, all you need to do is simply roll out the tape underneath the artificial grass join. Then peel back the white film and finally place the grass back in place carefully.

Join square

Connecting two pieces of artificial grass together could never be easier, opening the doors to anyone who was considering artificial grass, but was a little bit apprehensive about the installation process.

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