Product Focus – Grosvenor

Grosvenor is a premium Artificial Grass and is the longest pile height that we sell. This luscious and prestigious Artificial Grass is our most realistic product. The multi-toned yarn, light brown thatch and long pile height mean that Grosvenor isn’t just a realistic Artificial Grass, but should really be considered as a replica of natural grass.

The purpose of Artificial Grass is to create a substitute for natural grass when natural grass isn’t suitable for a particular area. Whether it’s indoors, low light areas, heavy use areas or just difficult to maintain, Artificial Grass is a fantastic solution. However one obvious aspect of Artificial Grass is that the lower the quality of the Artificial Grass, the less realistic it looks. So sometimes an Artificial Grass installation might not look so realistic if the quality of the Artificial Grass is very low.

If you’re looking for an Artificial Grass that will really look amazing and indistinguishable from natural grass, then Grosvenor is what we would recommend. Just like natural grass, the Grosvenor product includes a ‘Thatch’ which resembles dead blades of grass and is intertwined amongst the normal blades of grass. The purpose of the thatch is to add realism to the Artificial Grass and it has the added bonus of making the Artificial Grass feel very soft.

The length of Grosvenor is also an important factor in adding to the realistic effect. A lot of Artificial Grasses come in 20mm and 30mm pile height lengths, but the extra 15mm on Grosvenor adds miles in quality. It has to be seen to be believed, at Artificial Grass London, we send out free samples. Just fill in our free sample request form for a free sample of our brilliant Grosvenor Artificial Grass.


Grosvenor is best used for premium installations such as front lawns and top quality gardens. If you have a temporary installation such as a trade event or you’re just looking for an Artificial Grass to brighten up a large concrete area, then maybe a lower quality and lower cost choice would be better. But if you really want to impress or you’re looking for a quality home improvement, Grosvenor is an excellent option.

Grosvenor Wide


Pile Height – 45mm

Multi-toned Yarn

Light Brown Thatch

Replica Artificial Grass

Pet Friendly

Weight – 2.80Kg/m2

UV Stabilised

Roll Widths – 2 metre and 4 metre

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