Top 5 Rooftop Bars in London

Whether you are a resident or a tourist in London, one of the best ways to savour the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of our beautiful capital city is to visit one of the numerous rooftop bars and terraces. There are many to choose from scattered across the city – here are a few favourites… Read more »

The Struggles of Planning an Urban Garden

For many Londoners, small areas of garden or landscaping are one of the most precious places they have to relax in, however, these spaces are often complex to design and challenging to maintain. Most town gardens come with their difficulties, but in London they can be particularly challenging. Gardens (and gardeners!) in London have to… Read more »

London Developers Share Importance of Green Spaces

At Artificial Grass London, we often work with architects and landscapers who are limited in creating effective and efficient areas of green space. With little space to play with, every inch of ‘green’ really does count, especially in residential developments around the capital. A recent article in the Telegraph explored the Lillie Square development, located… Read more »

Champagne Charlies

London is awash with events and activities all year round. Whether a mega concert at the O2 or Hyde Park, or an exhibition at a gallery or museum. Or a band in the pub on the corner. There are activities to suit all budgets and tastes. We enjoy a vibrant west-end, a wealth of cultural… Read more »

Go Outdoors

Metropolitan living is fast paced and stressful. Transport issues make our daily commute a nightmare on occasion. We won’t talk about the cost of living! Once in a while it does wonders for our equilibrium to stop and catch our breath. Our urban landscape is dotted with green spaces where we can share in the… Read more »

Home improvement

Are you looking for a project that is going to give your property a big slice of the WOW! factor? I’d hate to cause strife in the neighbourhood, so think consider carefully before you make up your mind! Here’s a question or two that may help you to decide. Do you think you can bear… Read more »

Spring is on its way

As winter moves inexorably on, and were cosied up in our homes these long dark evenings, thoughts inevitably wander to warmer brighter days to come.  A glance out of the window at the stark bare branches and soggy lawn is enough to make us shudder, close the curtain and add another log to the fire…. Read more »