Balcony Case Study – A Patch of a London Park on your Balcony

A young couple who live in Greenwich decided to give their balcony a new lease of life by installing Artificial Grass. The balcony was only a small space and they only needed 8 square metres. Our grasses only come in 2m or 4 m width rolls. The balcony was about 4 metres wide and about… Read more »

Weeding Bankruptcy

So far summer 2018 has really been a scorcher! The intense continuous heat has been a bit of a problem for some of the more delicate plants in the garden. They need constant watering and forgetting to water the plants once or twice can result in the ground drying up and bushes and shrubs wilting…. Read more »

London Rooftops and Balconies

London is a fantastic place to live and work. However, as we all know, land prices can be very high. So many people in London can’t afford a traditional garden or a front lawn. So, as innovative as ever, Londoners are starting to transform their Balconies and Roof Tops into a fantastic green space with… Read more »

Product Focus – Grosvenor

Grosvenor is a premium Artificial Grass and is the longest pile height that we sell. This luscious and prestigious Artificial Grass is our most realistic product. The multi-toned yarn, light brown thatch and long pile height mean that Grosvenor isn’t just a realistic Artificial Grass, but should really be considered as a replica of natural… Read more »

Quick and Simple Guide to Laying Artificial Grass on Concrete

Artificial Grass can be a great way to brighten up dull and grey areas, but where do you start? Once you dive into the world of artificial grass you might find yourself confused and worried about all the different aspects involved. Here are 6 simple steps that you can follow if you are thinking of… Read more »

Make your own Doormat from Artificial Grass Offcuts

As an industry standard, we only sell our Artificial Grass in 2 Metre widths or 4 Metre widths. You can have any length you want up to 25 Metres but we are unable to supply 3 Metre width rolls of grass. So therefore if your garden is a 5 Metre by 5 Metre Square, we… Read more »

‘End-of-Roll’ Clearance

We have some ‘End-of-Roll’ clearance items in stock now. These are our pre-cut and pre-packaged Artificial Grass rolls which are just taking up space in our warehouse. Call our sales team now and ask about our ‘End-of-Roll’ clearance sale – 0203 002 2250 Newbury 4m x 1m – Usual Price £49.00 – Reduced to £39.20… Read more »

Artificial Grass Decoration Ideas

Throughout 2017, one trend which has become more apparent is using artificial grass indoors. This popular home décor trend is a style which will stay around due to its versatility, uniqueness and wow factor. If you love the idea of using artificial grass indoors but you are stuck for inspiration, read on for Artificial Grass… Read more »

Advantages of Artificial Grass

A perfect green, tidy and enviable lawn is a symbol of the great British culture. Whether your mind jumps to the pristine courts of Wimbledon, the incredible and world-renowned Wembley pitch or the Home of Cricket ground, Lords – one thing they all have in common is their ability to maintain perfection. However, in order… Read more »

The Perfect Year-Round Garden for Entertaining

When you look at your garden, do you feel embarrassed and hope that nobody notices the uneven grass, missing patches and overgrown weeds? If this is the case, you are likely neglect your lawn all year round until the time comes where you have to get in the right mind set to try make your… Read more »

Small Gardens: How to Get the Wow Factor

Do you want the perfect garden, but time is not on your side? Don’t worry, as these tips will give your garden that crucial wow factor without the need to spend time gardening all year round. If gardening is not an interest of yours and you seek a low maintenance garden, then follow these golden… Read more »