Small Gardens: How to Get the Wow Factor

Do you want the perfect garden, but time is not on your side? Don’t worry, as these tips will give your garden that crucial wow factor without the need to spend time gardening all year round. If gardening is not an interest of yours and you seek a low maintenance garden, then follow these golden… Read more »

Top Tips for your Autumn Garden

It’s September – when did that happen? Which means, it will soon be time for leaves to fall off the trees as we move into Autumn. So what are the things you need to be doing in your garden over the next few months? Here’s a few top tips put together by Artificial Grass –… Read more »

Unique Uses for Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass isn’t just used for brightening up gardens. At Artificial Grass – London, we have a wide range of grasses to suit every need and application. Since launching, we’ve seen some amazing ideas made a reality with Artificial Grass. Grass Walls A great installation we’ve seen recently is using our Artificial Grass on walls… Read more »

Garden Spaces: Upcycling is on the Up!

Summer in the UK is often short and sweet so spending hundreds of pounds on new garden furniture can sometimes be a waste of money which is why more and more people are getting creative and upcycling. Upcycling is essentially the trendy name for recycling – the idea is to use old and unwanted materials… Read more »

Artificial Grass DIY Installation Guide by AGL

Installing Artificial Grass isn’t as hard as you may think! With the right help and tools, a lot of our customers have taken on the task of installing the grass themselves and in turn, saved a lot of money. Being a supply only wholesaler we get asked on a daily basis how easy it is… Read more »

Top Tips for your Bank Holiday Gardening Plans

Planning on spending the weekend gardening over the Bank Holiday? Well Artificial Grass – London have put together a couple of things you may want to incorporate into your plans. As the weather is starting to heat up, it’s a great time to make sure all your bedding plants are moved out of the greenhouse… Read more »

Introducing our Atherstone Artificial Grass

In the highly competitive market of Artificial Grass, we’re always thriving to manufacture the very best products at the most amazing prices which is why we’re proud to introduce our Atherstone Artificial Grass to our range for 2017. Atherstone is our top of the range Artificial Grass priced at £20.95pm2. This product will transform your… Read more »

London’s Hidden Gardens [Infographic]

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A Beautiful Lawn All Year Round

The New Year is the perfect time to plan home improvements – but not just inside the house but also outside too.  If you have always dreamed of having a beautiful garden with a perfect space for entertaining and relaxing, but don’t have the time to maintain a pristine garden and lawn, one solution is… Read more »

Get Ready for Christmas with Jack Frost!

Christmas is just around the corner and offices, retailers, bars and restaurants are getting ready for the festive season. One of the best ways to create that snowy wintery feel is to use a soft white fluffy grass style carpet that can be used inside or outside. Artificial Grass London sells a product called ‘Jack… Read more »

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Your Bar

Competition within the hospitality industry can be very fierce and pub landlords in particular are always looking for ways to stand out from their competitors. Many London bars are now turning to artificial grass to create a unique and eye catching look but there are other advantages too. So how exactly could artificial grass be… Read more »