Never Weed Your Garden Again!

shutterstock_581198209Did you know that today is National Weed Your Garden Day? A day set aside to show those neglected gardens some love now that we’re on our way to summer time. Studies suggest that the average UK gardener will spend around 114 hours a year on menial gardening tasks such as mowing lawns and weeding the garden. That’s 114 hours we here at Artificial Grass London think could be better spent relaxing in the garden or enjoying hobbies and interests.

Rid Yourself of Weeds

 Weeds are pesky plants that grow anywhere there is a spot of soil and a bit of light. Powerful and prolific growers, they can turn even the most well-kempt of lawns into unsightly messes in a matter of weeks. Instead of spending hours on end manually de-weeding their gardens, many Brits will turn to powerful chemical weed killers, but these can have a negative impact on surrounding plant life and leave your lawn looking less than its best. Oftentimes, people give up entirely and accept their gardens will never be weed free. There is another way, however. A way you can have a pristine looking lawn and never have to deal with weeds again.

Artificial Grass to the Rescue!

Artificial grass is the solution to all your weeding problems. With artificial grass you’re guaranteed a green garden all year ‘round, no upkeep or maintenance required. We supply a specially manufactured weed membrane that sits underneath your artificial grass and prevents the growth of unsightly weeds and plants, ensuring your garden remains perfect and level no matter what. Installing artificial grass has never been easier thanks to our DIY Installation Guidelines.

Can I Install Artificial Grass on Top of Soil?

Yes! We recommend starting with a soil or sand base for your artificial grass garden, but artificial grass can actually be installed almost anywhere. We do recommend you clear the area of all plant life before beginning your installation and lay the weed membrane as soon as possible to stop any seeds that have found their way into the sand, or that are dormant underneath the soil’s surface, from germinating.

Does Artificial Grass Look Real?

We certainly think so. A lot of time and effort goes into engineering our artificial grass so that it looks as real as possible. We understand that many homeowners want a natural looking garden but don’t necessarily have the time to maintain a natural grass lawn. We stock a wide variety of artificial grass of different colours and pile heights so you can create your perfect garden. If you’re looking for a short, neat pile with a vibrant colour then we recommend our Battersea product. If you’re after a denser pile with a deeper colour, try our Richmond variety. Our Striped Grass is perfect for those looking to achieve a freshly mown lawn look and our Champion brand is the ideal artificial grass for pet owners.

There are plenty of different grass styles to choose from in our online shop, suited to a wide variety of tastes. If you’d like to try before you buy, you’re welcome to order a free sample of our best-selling grass and take the first step in ridding your garden of weeds once and for all!

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