Muddy Gardens

One of the most common reasons for purchasing artificial grass is to reduce mud and mess from being traipsed through your home caused by a muddy lawn. Sometimes back gardens can be so prone to being muddy that the grass is avoided like the plague, rendering owning a lawn pointless.

This is often caused by your location. Different areas of the UK have different soil types and so the water in the ground drains away at different rates depending on your soil type and altitude.

Areas with higher altitude and a chalk or limestone landscape will have very freely flowing drainage. However, lower lying areas, usually near rivers and especially if they have clayey soils, will have impeded drainage. The slower the rainwater drains away, the higher the chances that your lawn will remain wet and therefore muddy.

muddy foot prints

Artificial grass can help to eliminate this mud, meaning that you can be free to enjoy your back garden. If you have drainage issues, artificial grass might not be able to solve the water issues completely, but it will help with the mud. Having said this, there are techniques that landscapers can use such as French Drains that can be designed to manage water and move it away from your lawn. We have a network of landscapers that we can recommend to you if you would like an installation.

You can find out your soil type and drainage rates using a very helpful interactive map. This map has been created by Cranfield University, it can be found here:

London Soils

If you take a look at the London area you might notice that huge areas north of the river have impeded drainage, clayey soils and a high water table. This would be a possible explanation for why such a high number of lawns in the London area have issues with mud.

Artificial Grass London are based in Harlow and can offer same day collection and next day delivery to the London area. If you are experiencing issues with mud on your lawn, order artificial grass to help prevent mess. Take a look at our online shop:

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