Make your own Doormat from Artificial Grass Offcuts

As an industry standard, we only sell our Artificial Grass in 2 Metre widths or 4 Metre widths. You can have any length you want up to 25 Metres but we are unable to supply 3 Metre width rolls of grass. So therefore if your garden is a 5 Metre by 5 Metre Square, we would recommend purchasing a 4 Metre by 5 Metre roll and then another 2 Metre by 5 Metre roll.

A 4 Metre by 5 Metre roll plus a 2 Metre by 5 Metre roll is the most efficient combination to purchase as it minimises the number of joins in the Artificial Grass lawn.

It is important to minimise the number of joins in Artificial Grass as it can end up looking a bit like a patchwork quilt if there are too many different sections. This is especially true with smaller gardens and domestic installations.

If you do purchase a 5 Metre roll and a 2 Metre roll you will end up with only one join in the grass and an extra 1 Metre by 5 Metre section of Artificial Grass.

We have an excellent idea on what to do with that extra piece of grass. Before you bin it, stencil the shape of a normal doormat into the back of the offcut with a Stanley Knife. All you will need to cut the grass is a Stanley knife and once it is cut out you will have the perfect addition to your home.

Artificial Grass Doormat

A stylish doormat made from the offcuts. What else could you make from Artificial Grass Offcuts?

If you want advice on the best combinations of roll widths and lengths to buy, contact our friendly team today on 0203 002 2250.

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