Make Your Apartment Pet Friendly with Artificial Grass

Did you know that 45% of people in the UK own a pet? Not everybody is lucky enough to live in a house with a garden though, in fact, 43% of Londoners live in flats and apartments. Don’t worry, this doesn’t automatically mean you shouldn’t have a pet. There are many apartment friendly pets out there including cats, rabbits, hamsters, and even some breeds of dog.

There are plenty of ways that people living in apartments can make their homes more accommodating for their pets without redecorating or breaking the bank. We recommend using artificial grass when making a dedicated area for your pets. That’s right, you can install artificial grass indoors! Using anything from a full roll to artificial grass offcuts, you can create a pet-friendly space in your place. 

How Do I Make My Apartment Pet-Friendly?

Setting aside a space for your pet is one of the most effective ways of making any home pet-friendly. A pet friendly space can be anything from a play area to a bed or enclosure depending on the type of pet and the space available. Consider places your pet likes to be/play, could this be made into their very own personal space? Living rooms and balconies make ideal pet spaces as these are communal areas that won’t get in the way of day-to-day activities for humans.

Dogs and cats will benefit from a simple patch of artificial grass to roll around, play, and rest on. Smaller animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, and reptiles are better suited to more enclosed spaces. Simply place their toys, beds, and even food/water dishes here to let them know this space belongs to them. You can dress this space up however you like, some people even go so far as to add fencing for the ultimate outdoor look but it’s up to you. An artificial grass space will also help protect your flooring from boisterous pets who like to dig, scratch, chew, or just play rough.

Lucky enough to have a garden or outdoor space for your pet? You could still benefit from artificial grass which offers a mud and mess free alternative to natural turf, so you can be sure your pets will never trek dirt through your home or compromise the look of your garden with rough play or digging.

What Happens if a Dog Urinates on Artificial Grass?

Not a pretty picture but a reality, especially for dogs used to going on walkies to the park. There’s no need to worry if your pet urinates (or even poos!) in their new play area. Artificial grass is easy clean, stain resistant, and can be cleansed with antibacterial spray or wipes without losing colour or decaying. This means any accidents can easily be mopped up and cleaned without leaving behind unsightly marks or odours which is more than can be said for most carpets.

Where to Buy Artificial Grass?

Worried you might not be able to buy the right amount of artificial grass to suit your pet’s needs? Don’t be! You can buy artificial grass online from as little as one meter from Artificial Grass London. We offer a whole variety of fake grass for you to choose from, simply visit our shop or request a free sample today.

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