London Rooftops and Balconies

London is a fantastic place to live and work. However, as we all know, land prices can be very high. So many people in London can’t afford a traditional garden or a front lawn. So, as innovative as ever, Londoners are starting to transform their Balconies and Roof Tops into a fantastic green space with Artificial Grass.

So which of our Artificial Grasses would be best for a balcony or rooftop installation? All of our Artificial Grasses our Suitable for balconies or rooftops. Generally, the price of our grasses depends on the pile height of the product. The longer the pile height then usually the more realistic it is and so the more expensive it is. So the Artificial Grass that’s right for you really depends on your budget.

Empire Wide


Luckily, most balconies aren’t that big and so the total installation is smaller. This means that higher quality grasses are more affordable. Our most expensive of the realistic Artificial Grass is our Grosvenor product. Grosvenor is also our tallest Artificial Grass with a 45mm pile height. Springfield is our most cost-effective realistic looking Artificial Grass with a 15mm pile height. Battersea is cheaper, however it has a uniform curled 7mm pile and it doesn’t imitate real grass. Battersea is often referred to as Greengrocer grass as it is often used for small displays. Battersea probably isn’t the best option for a balcony or rooftop installation.

How do you clean it? – One of the downsides of living in London is high levels of dust. This dust makes its way onto the streets, onto windows and root tops and balconies. So one concern about spending money to make your balcony look amazing is that it will become dusty after a short time and need cleaning.

Although there is nothing you can do about the dust, rest assured that there is no issues with cleaning artificial grass. Washing with soapy water from time to time will be more than enough. The grass includes drainage holes and the water will pass straight through. If it is suitable for your balcony, throwing water in it will not be an issue. Just don’t use a bleach as this can stain the grass.

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Will it blow away in the wind? – Unless there is extreme wind, Artificial Grass won’t blow away. It is possible to glue it down to the surface, however this is only recommended for permanent installations. Placing plant pots and furniture over the Artificial Grass is usually enough to prevent it moving.

Try before you buy. We give out free samples of our Artificial Grass, so we would highly recommend that you try out our range of grasses before you make the purchase.

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