London Developers Share Importance of Green Spaces

At Artificial Grass London, we often work with architects and landscapers who are limited in creating effective and efficient areas of green space.

With little space to play with, every inch of ‘green’ really does count, especially in residential developments around the capital.

A recent article in the Telegraph explored the Lillie Square development, located at Earls Court where the borough’s of Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham meet.

Lillie Square is a distinctive development, in that it was designed and built around an area of green space.

The second phase of the build will see the development of 10 more blocks, set around a long garden square.

The Lillie Square garden was designed by the award winning Chelsea Flower Show designer Andy Sturgeon, who talked to the Telegraph about the importance of green spaces in London;

“Landscape architecture used to be seen as doing something with the leftover space between the buildings. At Lillie Square, that was reversed. The garden came first and the buildings have been designed around it,”

Sturgeon went on to discuss the social, physical and mental benefits of green spaces “A well-designed park offers the chance for exercise, places to meet and build a community and this is the foundation for everything else,” “The thing I believe in most is that if you improve people’s visual and physical environment, you improve their well-being and the quality of the lives.”

Green spaces are not only great for our wellbeing, they can also increase the value of your property. “Happily the likes of Knight Frank have done surveys which attach a monetary value to living on a garden square or crescent or overlooking a tree and this allows developers to pursue this idea with some sort of tangible argument for their shareholders,” Added Sturgeon.

At Artificial Grass London, we believe that everyone should have access to areas of greenery, no matter where they live.

In areas where natural grass can’t grow, artificial grass is an effective replacement.

Even where space and sunlight is lacking in London, artificial grass stays looks great all year long.

Developers won’t need to worry about ongoing maintenance either. Artificial turf doesn’t need mowing or watering to stay looking fresh and green.

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