Local Service, Global Operations

Artificial Grass London is run and operates out of our warehouse based in Harlow, Essex. This base means that we are able to service the entire South East of England with fast deliveries and even same-day collection, when needed. However, these local operations are now backed up by the largest and strongest infrastructure in Europe, for artificial grass.

We merged and have been purchased by SLG and DOMO. SLG, also known as the Sports and Leisure Group, are the largest manufacturer of artificial grass in Europe. Based in Belgium, SLG is part of a global operation, and they can sufficiently supply us with products, quickly and efficiently.

This new set up puts us in a very advantageous position. We are able to design and make our very on artificial grasses, based on our own specifications. This means that we can take feedback from our customers and use this as input for what our future artificial grasses should look and feel like. We also have priority shipping and fantastic access to materials. This allows us to maintain a full warehouse with huge stock levels.

Daniel Lewis at Artificial Grass London has said; “We are delighted about the news. Everyday we are busy sorting orders for customers, and it is wonderful news that this work should be made easier going forward into the future.”

All of this means is that we are now in the optimum scenario of performing a local service, backed up with international support.

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