Installing Artificial Grass in London Offices

A Government report – Green Space: the Benefit for London has highlighted a number of environmental, social, economic and health benefits to having more green space in London.

Having access to green spaces encourages greater social interaction, reduces stress and mental fatigue and increases attention span. People who live in urban areas with more green space tend to report a greater feeling of physical and mental well- being.

In some areas of London, workers in the city rarely see green space during their working day, and yet there are considerable benefits to having green space in the work environment. Businesses should be encouraged to develop green spaces within the work environment for employees to enjoy on their lunch break or when they want to get away from their desk.  It can provide a communal space where colleagues, can gather and get to know each other. According to Psychologists, the colour green is proven to calm and refresh people, and enhance their confidence which in turn can improve concentration and productivity.

In principle, having a green space may make good business sense but natural grass can be time consuming and costly to maintain. Artificial grass is the perfect alternative. It is easy to lay and maintain –it does not need mowing, weeding or watering and as it is hardwearing it retains a good appearance. Of course not all businesses have an outside space, but with artificial grass it is also possible to create an indoor green space!

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