Installer Network Scheme

We are excited to introduce our Installer Network scheme, which is designed to help customers and landscapers work together to create beautiful gardens and lawns.

Sometimes when customers purchase artificial grass from us, they ask us if we know anyone in the local area who can install the artificial grass for them. We’ve always had a list of landscapers on-hand and have been able to give the customer a few options from the local area.

However, we have recently partnered with a number of gardening companies and have been able to expand this list of landscapers. If you need to find an artificial grass installer in your local area, we can help. We now have hundreds of high-quality, quickly contactable landscapers that we can pass an installation to.

If you’re a landscaper currently not on our list, why not sign up? Not only will you receive leads from us, but you can also benefit from our expanded network.

To sign up, simply complete the below webform;

Installer Network Sign Up Form

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