How to Install Graphics into Artificial Grass

One of the best things about artificial grass is the fact that you can make truly creative and amazing graphics in the grass. Our Spectrum Range is often used to create lovely patterns, vibrant floor activities, hopscotch designs and playful scenes in an artificial grass installation.

We have created a small step by step guide for placing graphics within artificial grass.

crab graphic

Step 1 – Draw the graphic in Plywood.

Step 2 – Cut out the graphic template using a jigsaw.

Step 3 – Trace around the wooden template on the backing of the red grass (or any other colour depending on the graphic) using a white pen or something like Tip-Ex.

Step 4 – Carefully cut the graphic out using a sharp knife.

Step 5 – Place the graphic on top of the grass and nail pins into the top-left, top-right, bottom-left and bottom-right of where the graphic sits on the grass.

Step 6 – Take the graphic off the grass and cut an ‘X’ shape in the surface of the installed green grass, from the top-left nail to the bottom-right nail and the top-right nail to the bottom-left nail.

Step 7 – Place the graphic under and through the ‘X’ shape.

Step 8 – Concentrate on one area of the graphic. Fold back one of the triangular shaped edges of the grass so far as to the edge of the graphic. Cut the backing on the folded bit of green grass from where it meets the graphic underneath. Take extra care not to cut your fingers during this bit.

Step 9 – Once you have cut around the shape of the graphic, the grass and the graphic should fit together like a jigsaw.

Step 10 – In a similar way to how you would connect 2 pieces of artificial grass together, connect the backing of the graphic to the green grass using backing tape and glue. Be liberal with the glue in order to ensure a secure connection.

Once you’ve finished, step back and admire your artwork. Make sure you don’t go on the grass or the graphics until the next day, to give the glue time to set correctly.

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