Go Outdoors

Metropolitan living is fast paced and stressful. Transport issues make our daily commute a nightmare on occasion. We won’t talk about the cost of living! Once in a while it does wonders for our equilibrium to stop and catch our breath. Our urban landscape is dotted with green spaces where we can share in the pleasure of the open air with fellow Londoners. Yet sometimes, the best thing in the world is to do ‘nothing’ somewhere nice with the people you choose to be with, and turn your back on the bustle of the city.

Urban dwellings are invariably short on space. If there’s an opportunity to access an exterior space and create a personal oasis, seize it with both hands. It does your soul good. Transform a high rise dwelling by making a balcony more than just where the clothes airer and the kids bikes live. Just lay a piece of artificial grass add one or two green plants and suddenly for a few pounds you have a garden just outside your door. So what If there’s only enough space to sit knee to knee? Enjoy the warm breeze of a summers evening with a mellow tune on the stereo, and you’ll soon discover it’s yours, you’re outdoors, and there’s no one going to bother you.

If you have a tired and tatty back yard a frantic clear out once or twice a year may make the space acceptable by candlelight but it is never going to make you yearn to get out into your outdoor room. These spaces can be transformed with a relatively small budget and a little imagination. A maintenance free artificial lawn can be the start of turning your dowdy back yard into a versatile and inviting living space. It isn’t hard, and a little effort can pay dividends for a long time to come.

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