Garden Spaces: Upcycling is on the Up!

Summer in the UK is often short and sweet so spending hundreds of pounds on new garden furniture can sometimes be a waste of money which is why more and more people are getting creative and upcycling.

Upcycling is essentially the trendy name for recycling – the idea is to use old and unwanted materials and make them into something beautiful. Artificial Grass – London have put together a couple of ideas you may want to try this Summer.

Old paper:

If you have any old newspapers, comics or magazines laying around your house it can be used as a way of refreshing your old garden furniture – it can be stuck to the base or the back of the chair just to give it a new lease of life.


Instead of throwing your old Heinz tins in the bin, these are a perfect planter for small plants and flowers. You can also use any old crockery such as tea cups and saucers to create quaint plant pots. Don’t forget to add in drainage holes!


These can be created very easily with old wooden boxes or glass ornaments. They can be used as storage or even a surround for your planters.


Builder’s merchants usually have a pile of unwanted pallets that you can transform into something special. They are very easy to turn into a set of table and chairs, or simply use the unwanted wood to create centrepieces, plant pots etc…

Shabby chic is well on trend at the minute so be sure to try some of our ideas.

Artificial Grass London Upcycling

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