Forget Blue Monday, We’re All About Green Sundays!

We’re big fans of the colour green here at Artificial Grass London, but we bet you knew that already. What you might not know is that the colour green can have some amazing psychological effects.

Whilst the way we relate to each individual colour is subjective, most colours are widely recognised as having universal meanings. Red being for love, passion, and maybe even danger; white representing purity or innocence; and green symbolising nature, tranquillity, and health. We’re focusing on our favourite colour today, exploring how the colour green can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing and how you can add a splash of green to your life with artificial turf.

In the Home

shutterstock_1330115339We mentioned before that the colour green symbolises nature and tranquillity, two things we believe no home should be without. From an interior design perspective, there aren’t many rooms in the house that wouldn’t benefit from a little bit of green. However, we recommend dedicating one or two areas of the home to peace and tranquillity, making these your safe havens when you need a little rest and relaxation.

Of course, the garden is the perfect place to re-connect with nature, but many find natural grass difficult to care for and maintain. The good news is that synthetic grass can be just as effective when it comes to creating a calming garden space; maybe even more so when you’re not worrying about things like mud or mowing the lawn!

Did you know you can install artificial grass indoors too? Many people install artificial grass in bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms for a tactile addition to their most relaxing spaces. Whether you’re putting it on the floor or even the walls (yes, you heard us!), you can bring the outdoors in and give your brain its daily dose of green no matter what the weather.

For Your Business

Marketing studies tell us that 93% of consumers rank visual aesthetic as the most important factor when making a purchase. It’s not just what your product looks like that matters, however, the environment the product is in has a massive impact too. Places like pubs, restaurants, cafés, and even shopping centres can make use of artificial grass decor to create an environment that encourages consumers to relax and take their time. Shopping in an environment they are comfortable in has been scientifically proven to encourage consumers to make more purchases.

At School or at the Office

shutterstock_466745690Along with its calming effects, the colour green works wonders when it comes to improving concentration. There’s some real scientific evidence for this with studies showing that people who work in green offices have higher rates of job satisfaction.

When it comes to helping you with your studies, Dr. Kate Lee – a research fellow at the University of Melbourne – theorises that the colour green has a restorative effect on the mind. This means that looking at the colour green can help bored or distracted students re-focus. Because of this we recommend installing artificial grass in break out rooms, play areas, and even dinner halls/canteens. This helps both employees and students absorb the colour green during break times for a restorative boost.

Feel like going green in your home or commercial premises? Order your free sample of artificial grass today!

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