Dulwich – Our New 50mm Artificial Grass

We are excited to launch our tallest ever artificial grass, Dulwich!

Dulwich stands proud at a very impressive 50mm high.

The extra height might sound small, but it makes all the difference. Dulwich is truly sensational to look at and run your hands through. It has a super thick thatch and the extra height adds to the extra cushioning. The cushioning and softness really has to be felt to be believed, but don’t worry, we have free samples available which we can send straight to your home with no obligation.

AGL Free Samples

One of the best activities to use Dulwich for is simply letting children play freely on it. Because of its extra height, Dulwich acts as a brilliant surface for kids to run around on, as the density of the product protects against trips and falls.

One of the main reasons the thatch within Dulwich is so thick, is because it needs to support the extra height. At 50mm tall, the grass would fall over without this support. But because of the support, all the blades stand tall and this effect enhances the realistic look. At times Dulwich is indistinguishable from real turf, but with all of the benefits of low maintenance and durability.

You can buy Dulwich here or, if you’d like to find out more, feel free to call one of our friendly members of staff on 0203 002 2250

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