Creating a Roof Garden

Rooftop gardens are one of the biggest new trends for Londoners struggling for outdoor space. In densely populated urban areas of the cities even having a small rooftop or terrace is a real bonus and can provide a perfect haven to relax and unwind.

Here are our top tips for designing and creating the perfect roof garden.

The size of your roof terrace doesn’t matter – even the smallest area can provide an area of tranquillity. To make a small area seem bigger create an open aspect by using railings or glass panels as a border. However, if you have a larger rooftop and are wanting privacy or to disguise a bad view then create a real garden feel using some high vegetation around the walls to maximize greenery and hide from the rest of the city. Bamboos and grasses are an excellent combination providing a soft delicate screen that is low maintenance, but there is an unlimited choice of shrubs and small trees.

As for the plants you choose for your outdoor space, pick a variety of heights, shapes and colours. A few large plants like small trees or shrubs quickly give the space a feeling of a mature garden. Use any wall space to grow climbers like wisteria, climbing roses and honeysuckle for the scent as well as their colour. Plant up lots of containers of different sizes with smaller shrubs that will give all year round colour either with flowers or interesting coloured foliage, plant annuals in small containers, hanging baskets and wall planters to give bursts of colour at different times of the year.

It is a good idea to have a focal point to draw the eyes gaze –it might be a water feature, a statue or even a cluster of carefully arranged potted plants.

Lighting is essential if you want to use your roof garden in the evenings and not just from the safety aspect. Lighting can create a wonderful atmosphere and make the roof garden look bigger as the natural light fades.

Decide on the function of your roof garden. Is it going to be an area in which to relax, have a drink and read a book or do you want to dine up there? Choose your furniture to suit your purpose and don’t overcrowd the area.

Flooring should also co-ordinate with the theme of roof garden. Artificial grass is an excellent choice to enhance the idea of a green space in an urban setting. It is much lighter in weight than natural turf, which requires a layer of soil, and it requires little or no maintenance to retain its good appearance.

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