How to Create a Breakout Space in Your Office

Breakout spaces are becoming common in offices big and small across the country. Distinct from your run-of-the mill “staff room”, breakout areas are designed to be a space where employees can relax and disengage from the stresses of work. Are you a business owner or office manager looking to reduce stress and increase productivity? Find out how you can create a breakout space in your office! 

Set the Scene

One of the great things about breakout spaces is that no two look the same. Many businesses create breakout spaces influenced by the company’s branding. For example, Google’s office complex in Boston reflects the fun and casual side of the company with a break room complete with lounge area and mini-golf set.

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We recommend starting with an open space with lots of natural light when creating your very own breakout area. If you’re looking for a simple and tasteful way to incorporate a little colour into your breakout room, you can’t go wrong with artificial grass! Aside from being easy to install indoors, artificial grass has the ability to brighten up a room and provides a comfortable and tactical area for employees to de-stress.

A good breakout room will see plenty of footfall and activity, making artificial grass the perfect flooring thanks to its low maintenance and durability. There’s no need to ban food from your carefully designed breakout room either, as artificial grass is easy-clean and stain resistant. Got an office dog? Make your breakout room a space where they can run around to their heart’s content with playful paws being no match for artificial grass.

Keep it Comfy 

shutterstock_466745693 (1)Comfort is paramount in any breakout space. If your breakout room’s main feature is hardback chairs around tables then we’re sorry to tell you that what you have is a dining room. We’re not saying your breakout space has to be full of sofas and armchairs but, when it’s likely that your employees will have spent most of their day sat at desks, it doesn’t hurt to give them somewhere soft to sit. If you’re short on space, beanbags make a fun and versatile seating option that can be stacked or stored when not in use. 

Get Your Game On

Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 09.40.57We mentioned earlier that breakout rooms are spaces where employees can disengage from work. What better way to help them do that than with a few games? You don’t have to deck your breakout space with pool tables, games consoles, or pinball machines (though we’re sure your employees wouldn’t have any complaints if you did). Simply use what the space and budget will allow to give your staff something fun to engage with during their break time. Board games, party games, and even card games all make excellent break-time activities that will help employees relax and strengthen team relationships.

No matter what size your business is, the benefits of creating a breakout space can do wonders for your office. If you’ve been inspired by any of the pictures above, contact us today or to order a free sample of our best-selling artificial grass!

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