BALI Accredited primary logo 17/02/2022

We’re On BALI!

We have been approved by the British Association Of Landscape Industries (BALI). This is really great news for our business, as it gives the confidence to customers to know that they are using a trusted supplier with excellent products and service. Whether you’re a retailer looking to stock our artificial grass in your store, or if you’re a landscaper looking to install artificial grass in your next project, you know that Artificial Grass London have got the products for you. BALI represent the best and most reliable companies in the... Read More

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Local Service, Global Operations

Artificial Grass London is run and operates out of our warehouse based in Harlow, Essex. This base means that we are able to service the entire South East of England with fast deliveries and even same-day collection, when needed. However, these local operations are now backed up by the largest and strongest infrastructure in Europe, for artificial grass. We merged and have been purchased by SLG and DOMO. SLG, also known as the Sports and Leisure Group, are the largest manufacturer of artificial grass in Europe. Based in Belgium, SLG... Read More

van AGL 14/04/2021

Have you seen us out and about?

We are constantly delivering to customers around the South East of England. You should be able to notice us as we have our name written in giant letters across the side. Our delivery drivers set off early every morning from our depot in Harlow, Essex. Due to covid measures, our delivery drivers will ask for a name rather than asking for a signature, when dropping off. You can order samples from our website and then purchase the grass. One of our friendly staff will then phone you up to arrange... Read More

The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

We have two special products for a new artificial grass lawn that dogs will be running and playing on. One is our distinctive artificial grass, Pet 28 which is uniquely designed and very different from the rest of our range. The second is our amazing ZeoZorb product which perfectly complemented Pet 28. The special thing about Pet 28 is its unique backing. Most artificial grasses have a latex backing, which is fine for normal circumstances, but after many years of use, small cracks can appear on the underbelly. When dogs... Read More

black friday 2020l banner 27/11/2020

Black Friday at Artificial Grass London

With selected products now reduced up to 60%, we have really slashed our prices. Some of our most popular products are now on sale at unbelievably low prices. Check out our latest deals Battersea – 7mm – now with 60% off! Chiswisk – 18mm – now with 50% Off New Clapham – 30mm – now with 50% Off Soho – 40mm now with 50% Off Don’t miss out! Offers are available in our online shop. Sale ends on the 30th of November 2020.


Installer Network Scheme

We are excited to introduce our Installer Network scheme, which is designed to help customers and landscapers work together to create beautiful gardens and lawns. Sometimes when customers purchase artificial grass from us, they ask us if we know anyone in the local area who can install the artificial grass for them. We’ve always had a list of landscapers on-hand and have been able to give the customer a few options from the local area. However, we have recently partnered with a number of gardening companies and have been able... Read More


A Wonder to Behold

We have never been more excited about a new artificial grass as we are about Wonder Grass. Wonder Grass is a truly exceptional new artificial grass, with some outstanding abilities. It is made using the amazing new material called PURETi. PURETi has won many globally accredited awards for sustainability and innovation. The PURETi in Wonder Grass possesses the amazing qualities of being able to break down air pollution, break down odours, improve air quality and even destroy viruses and bacteria! The active ingredient is Titanium Dioxide, which is completely harmless... Read More

Dulwich – Our New 50mm Artificial Grass

We are excited to launch our tallest ever artificial grass, Dulwich! Dulwich stands proud at a very impressive 50mm high. The extra height might sound small, but it makes all the difference. Dulwich is truly sensational to look at and run your hands through. It has a super thick thatch and the extra height adds to the extra cushioning. The cushioning and softness really has to be felt to be believed, but don’t worry, we have free samples available which we can send straight to your home with no obligation.... Read More

Black Friday Deal for Artificial Grass

We are proud to announce our excellent 2019 Black Friday Sale. We have taken off delivery charges across our entire range for the Black Friday weekend only. Unbelievably, this is on top of our 40% off November Sale. Make sure you don’t miss out as this is a one-time only sale. Check out our range of artificial grasses and accessories.

Muddy Gardens

One of the most common reasons for purchasing artificial grass is to reduce mud and mess from being traipsed through your home caused by a muddy lawn. Sometimes back gardens can be so prone to being muddy that the grass is avoided like the plague, rendering owning a lawn pointless. This is often caused by your location. Different areas of the UK have different soil types and so the water in the ground drains away at different rates depending on your soil type and altitude. Areas with higher altitude and... Read More