Balcony Case Study – A Patch of a London Park on your Balcony

A young couple who live in Greenwich decided to give their balcony a new lease of life by installing Artificial Grass.

The balcony was only a small space and they only needed 8 square metres. Our grasses only come in 2m or 4 m width rolls. The balcony was about 4 metres wide and about 2 metres deep. So a standard sized 2m x 4m roll was required.

The first thing the couple did was to order a set of free samples. The free samples were enormously important in helping the couple make a decision. They were able to see how the samples looked in the sunshine, feel the roughness or softness and work out which looked best on their actual balcony.

One important discovery they made whilst doing this process was that the grasses reflect light in different ways. Some look a little shiny in the sun, some look a little too light green and others look more realistic than their online pictures.

Our Hyde Park product is usually used in playgrounds and schools. However when the sample was laid out in the sun, it looked very realistic. The grass is also 32mm high, this is a middle of the range pile height, so it is not too short and not too long. The blades of grass are long enough to look real and high quality, whilst also short enough to strongly hold their shape and create a great feel.

Once the grass was ordered we had no trouble delivering the 2 metre long roll at a cost of only £25. The couple then set about installing the grass on their balcony.

PUG Balcony 2

They had a few questions for us;

Question – “Can we split the grass in two and then fit it? We think this would be easier.”

Answer – “Technically you can, but we wouldn’t recommend this. The grass is easy to cut, just use a sharp knife on the back of the grass. However we recommend always reducing the number of potential joins. Joins are normal and are often covered up well, but it’s better to not have them if possible.”


Question – “How do we fix it to the ground?”

Answer – “You don’t have to glue or staple the grass down to the balcony. Only glue it down if there is a high chance of it blowing away. Usually a few pieces of garden/balcony furniture are enough to keep it down.”


Question – “We get a lot of dust, how do I clean it?”

Answer – “The grass is fully porous. Simply splashing with a bucket of water or soapy water will be enough. One of the benefits of Artificial Grass is that it will hide dust. Unlike a smooth surface, the grassy structure will easily hide dust. So it’s easy to clean, and it will need less cleaning.”

balcony corner

There was an extra little lip around the corner of the balcony, but because the piece of grass was slightly larger than what was needed, they were able to seamlessly lay the grass into this corner, adding that extra subtle touch to the installation that made it look extremely neat and realistic.

The couple were tremendously pleased with the results and they have commented that “it looks like a mini park” and that they “now have picnics on it”.

greenwich balcony 2

If you live in London and own a flat with a balcony, Artificial Grass could be a brilliant solution to creating a truly exceptional environment. Get a patch of a London park on your balcony today, view our full range here.

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