Is Artificial Grass Pet Friendly?

shutterstock_296560775We’re celebrating National Pet Month this April by talking all things pets here at Artificial Grass London. Many pet owners contact us when they’re thinking about making the switch to artificial grass to make sure it’s suitable for their animals. The truth is that artificial grass is suitable for a variety of pets and pet owners enjoy a multitude of benefits from artificial turf that they just wouldn’t get with natural grass.

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pet Owners?

We’re glad you asked. Artificial grass comes with a wealth of benefits for pet owners. One of the most noticeable benefits is the complete absence of mud. This means artificial grass can be enjoyed all year ‘round with no danger of pets trekking mud into the house. Artificial grass is fully porous with rainwater draining right through and it dries out much quicker than natural turf.

Artificial grass is also much easier to clean than natural turf as there’s no danger of pet waste mixing with mud or damaging the grass. Simply pick up the solids using whichever method you normally would and then hose the area down. You can keep your artificial grass looking its best and ensure there are no residual odours by using specially formulated cleaning products like Top Dog Turf’s Pongo Artificial Grass Cleaner designed target bad odour areas or for a ‘deep clean treatment’.

It might surprise you to discover artificial grass can be better for your pets’ health than natural grass! Did you know your pets can suffer some of the same allergies as humans, including allergies to grass pollens? Natural grass that’s been treated with weed killer or pesticides, or exposed to certain types of fertiliser, can even cause skin issues or respiratory problems in pets. For this reason, many pet owners choose artificial grass for their gardens. 

Is Artificial Grass Suitable for All Pets?

Artificial grass is suitable for pets like cats and dogs who love to run, roll, lounge, and play on it. Artificial grass is much gentler on paws than concrete or gravel gardens and has the added bonus of being accessible in all weather conditions. That being said, fake turf might not be the best option for pets like rabbits and guinea pigs if you know they are prone to chewing and nibbling on non-food items.

Is Artificial Grass Toxic?

Absolutely not! Artificial grass is made from non-toxic materials and our grasses have passed hundreds of independent safety tests. Coming into contact with artificial grass will not pose a health risk to pets or people.

Can Pets Dig Through Artificial Grass?

Whilst pets tend to treat artificial grass the same way they’d treat natural turf, it’s unlikely that they will try to dig through it. If your pet does try to dig in your artificial turf garden, you can rest safe in the knowledge that even the largest of dogs would struggle to dig through synthetic turf and most pets will completely give up on digging after a failed attempt. If you have a pet that is a particularly persistent digger or enjoys racing around the garden, we recommend our Champion brand of artificial grass which is specifically designed for pets, with an extra-durable polyurethane backing.

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