Artificial Grass for Hot Tubs

Artificial Grass is an exceptional addition to a Hot Tub set up. Often people will use wood or stones, but these can get slippy when wet. In addition, if you were to slip on stones this could even cause scraped knees or other injury.

hot tub

If you are considering artificial grass for the surrounding area of your Hot Tub installation then there are a few things you need to look out for. Firstly, it is important that the grass is high quality. Stepping out of the Hot Tub, you’re really going to want your feet to land on something that feels great and is realistic. If you purchase low quality artificial grass around your hot tub, you might as well just purchase normal carpet. Our high quality artificial grasses like Grosvenor, look just like real grass and feel great underfoot.

Richmond 35mm side

As well as being high quality, it’s also important to choose exactly the right grass that works best for you. That’s why we give free samples with free delivery, so that you can feel and inspect the grass before purchasing. You can order free samples of our artificial grass here.

When planning the installation you won’t need to worry about fixing the artificial grass to the foundations that the hot tub uses, or the surrounding areas. If you have a concrete base for the hot tub to sit on, the artificial grass can simply be glued to this surface. Make sure you spot glue to avoid drainage problems. If you are also fixing the artificial grass to some of the surrounding soil areas, the artificial grass can be fixed down using our fixing pins.

Artificial Grass has been used to accompany hot tub installations for years and is a very popular feature. As Hot Tub areas are also relatively small, it can also be inexpensive. Meaning that you can get a big bang for your buck by choosing one of our highest quality artificial grasses.