Artificial Grass in DIY Stores

Across London DIY Stores are turning to Artificial Grass for a simple and effective way of producing extra revenue.

Artificial Grass is a brilliant product that fits neatly into the DIY sector. Although some installations can be very large and require ground workers and landscapers, many domestic installations are small enough for competent DIYers to install themselves.

Lee 2

We have a helpful DIY guide on our website that takes you through step by step on how to install the Artificial Grass. Click here to view our DIY Guide.

If you do choose to sell Artificial Grass in your DIY store and you still have questions about how your customers can install the grass themselves, don’t worry. At Artificial Grass London we offer free technical advice over the phone and we can arrange free training days at your store, if and when required.

Artificial Grass is a large and bulky product that is often difficult to transport and store. However DIY Stores do not need to worry about this. Artificial Grass London handle all of the difficult parts associated with Artificial Grass. For the retailer, all you need to do is install one of our easily portable 4 tier stands. The actual floor space that is taken up from one of these stands is a little more than the size of an A4 piece of paper.

4 tier stand

Artificial Grass is a brilliant product and a growing industry. For more information or to order one of our POS stands call now on 0203 002 2250

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