Artificial Grass Decoration Ideas

Throughout 2017, one trend which has become more apparent is using artificial grass indoors. This popular home décor trend is a style which will stay around due to its versatility, uniqueness and wow factor.

If you love the idea of using artificial grass indoors but you are stuck for inspiration, read on for Artificial Grass London’s top tips…

Bar stools

Do you have a man cave you would like to add a touch of character to? Bar stools are the perfect furniture to dress up with artificial grass. Even designers are prone to adding artificial grass to the stool in order to create a ‘pop’ and stand out from the rest of the rooms décor.


Offices have incorporated this look in breakout rooms to enhance creative thoughts while offering a relaxed atmosphere. Plus, the colour green evokes feelings of balance and harmony making it the perfect accent to the walls.

Play area

You may be shocked to learn that artificial grass comes in a variety of colours, making it the perfect flooring to use in a play area. You can create shapes and fun graphics to transform the play area from boring to magical and inviting! With artificial grass having hardwearing and robust qualities, you can be rest assured the fake grass will last for years to come.

Table runner

Using artificial grass as a table runner not only adds something different to dinner parties, it can also prevent any glasses becoming broken when knocked over due to its soft surface. A win-win add on for your next dinner party!

Place mats

For a minimum, yet effective look, use artificial grass as a place mat. You can combine the look with the artificial grass table runner to truly bring the outdoors in.


One trend which is extremely popular at the moment is combining a wooden floor with artificial grass. This causes a separation between two areas in the home without needing to add a wall. However, if you would prefer an instant, bold, yet attractive look, a rug is the best option. This will still add a touch personality, uniqueness and a talking point to the room.


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