Achieving a Neat Finish on an Artificial Grass Installation

We have an excellent product available as an accessory in our shop that is perfect for creating an excellent neat finish to an artificial grass installation. Our Composite Plastic Edging is made from 100% recycled materials and will create that professional finish every time.

Plastic Edging image 2

It has been common in the artificial grass industry to use timber edging however, even when this is tanalised timber it can rot over time. The Recycled Composite Plastic Edging won’t do this and will maintain its shape and structure giving you confidence in the quality of your installation.

Substructure Artificial Grass

When installing the artificial grass, the first step of the process is the groundworks. This is often the most labour intensive part of the process. One part of the groundworks process would be insuring a neat perimeter and this can be very effectively done with the edging. Each strip is 3 metres long and can be easily cut down to the right size. The plastic edging is also flexible and thus can be bent round corners. Once it is in place and the artificial grass is laid down, the grass can simply be nailed to the edging where it will firmly and neatly remain in place.

We sell this excellent material on our website at only £8.75 (Ex VAT) and you can find them here.